Swimming and eating icecream in January

My Adventures Abroad

I’m used to January being a time for winter coats, snowball fights, skiing and hot cocoa. This year, my January has been a bit warmer.


The average temperature in Granada has been mid 50s-high 60s with non-stop sunny days and barely a sprinkle in the sky.

While the people of Granada spent the weekend bundled up in coats and pants, we packed up our swimsuits and headed to the coastal towns of Malaga and Granada.


We stopped in the town of Almuñécar and hiked up to a beautiful castle, Castillo de San Miguel, built in 1st century B.C.


After taking plenty of photos of the beautiful view of the Mediterranean, we headed onwards towards the town of Nerja.

Nerja boasts stunning views and intriguing caves.


We traveled downwards into caves a few Costcos could easily in. They stretch for over 5km/ 3.1 miles and concerts are regularly held in part of them. Not to mention, they are beautiful and reminded me of possibility and hidden wonders beneath my feet.


After an interesting buffet lunch, where I had my first Spanish flan in Spain, we headed to the beach.

The views were remarkable.


I spent the rest of the day walking in the water, searching for pretty rocks in the sand and feeling more content than I have in weeks.


Although it’s the Mediterranean, it’s still January and the water was still pretty chilly.

Here are some more photos of my wonderful day:



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