Stray gatos, crumbling casas and beautiful vistas

My Adventures Abroad

Today we hiked up into the hills above Granada into a unique neighborhood named Sacromonte. All I had been told about this part of the city was it is dangerous and I shouldn’t got there alone.

Sometimes the most dangerous parts of a city are also the most amazing.


A beautiful view of the Alhambra and the city of Granada


The mesmerizing Alhambra


Looking at these houses made me realize I am truly living in the Mediterranean.   

Sacromonte is famous for its flamenco dancing, beautiful views of the Alhambra and Granada and its unique personality.


As we walked up (literally up, it is on the top of a large hill) ancient cobblestones mixed with modern asphalt we had to jump out of the way of cars and after stopping to take far too many photos I had to rush to keep up with the group. We saw at least 6 stray cats and heard some random music being played out an open window.


There’s a stray cat sunbathing on the roof of this casa. I imagine it was a well deserved a siesta. 

Ironically, with my camera around my neck and a sweatshirt tied 90’s style around my waist, I began to feel like less of a tourist.


My friend Kate and I showing off our 90’s tourist style (sweatshirts tied around our waists)

Here are some more pictures from my wonderful adventure:


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