Exploring my new home

My Adventures Abroad

Today I arrived in Granda, Spain! The bus ride from Madrid was five hours, but it felt like so much longer.


A stop on the way to Granada

I met my roommate at her hotel and then we went to our host family’s home together.


The view from my taxi in Granada

My host family is amazing. Maria and Antonio are younger than I expected, but so far it has been good because they are more flexible with Spanish traditions like always wearing slippers in the house. Antonio even speaks some English, which is helpful when they’re trying to explain cultural things that don’t translate well.

Today also happened to be Reyes Magos, la navidad en España, which is the equivalent to Christmas in the U.S.


The three wise men for la navidad

Both of my host parent’s families came over to the house to celebrate. They were all very nice, but it was a little overwhelming to meet so many people and try to keep up with their fast-paced conversations.

After la cena, dinner, my roommate and I walked down to the park to see the lights. They were beautiful and it made us feel like we were participating in part of their culture.


One thought on “Exploring my new home

  1. How beautiful! What a wonderful slice of culture!

    When our exchange student from Denmark spent the year with us, she said that in the beginning, especially when she was tired, everyone sounded like “blah, blah, blah, blah…”–or maybe it was “bah, bah…!”

    Love the pics!

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