Learning just how real jet lag is

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For some unexplainable reason I thought I would be immune to “jet lag,”  but alas I am not a well traveled human, so my brain and body are fighting back against the 9 hour time change.

The horrible lethargy I am currently experiencing peaked after I got out of bed (last night/ morning/ who knows what time?) to plug my phone in and then felt like I had just ran a marathon and needed to get back into bed like my life depended on it.

Then I woke up and had the brilliant idea to go roam the house and eventually end up in the kitchen having a fun conversation with Joel and a law student from Georgetown who was taking a solo vacation before taking his bar exams.


The next day, I found a cozy couch at the Brussels airport to nap on during our 3 hour layover before our flight to Madrid and hoped it would make me able to function like a person again.

My eyes are doing some weird tired thing and the people sitting around me gave me some looks after I took up a good section of the couch and then took this selfie:


The nap was totally worth it.




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