It takes a village: Raising a child as a college student

Here is a profile I wrote of a classmate for my communication writing course:


Being a full-time college student is demanding. Being a mother is a laborious challenge. Being both takes great ingenuity.

Angela Nommensen juggles being a successful student at Pacific Lutheran University and a loving parent to an 18-month-old girl.


Some may think she would be overwhelmed with these responsibilities, but Nommensen smiled as she said it’s all worth it because, “She’s so much fun and you’re so in love.”

Nommensen designed her communication, conflict management and global peace building courses around her energetic daughter, Anela, and said, “It is all worth it when I’m enjoying time with her. She teaches me.”

When Nommensen became a mother she had to evaluate her life and make some tough decisions. She looked up thoughtfully and explained, “It’s a life change though. You have to assess your relationships for the best of your kid.”

Nommensen said she is thankful she does not parent Anela alone. She smiled when describing her fiancé who she has known since she was 5 years old –– “We were friends forever.”

Nommensen’s story of motherhood and being a dedicated student is not entirely uncommon at PLU, but it is remarkable. Her devotion to Anela, her fiancé, and her education is commendable.


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